No-Code Data Integration for Analytics

Extract data from production databases, file systems, SaaS applications and event streams and load into your data warehouse – flexible, reliable and secure!

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Datacoral is all in on AWS

Datacoral is a fully managed data platform to simplify data pipelines. Datacoral is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, recognized for our Data & Analytics Competency and a launch partner of the APN Global Startups Program. Our customers trust us for a secure, scalable and high performance data infrastructure within their AWS VPC.

The Datacoral Solution

Datacoral is an end-to-end data infrastructure that enables self-service for data scientists and analysts, tightly integrated with more than two dozen AWS services. Enjoy a single platform for data ingestion into S3, pipeline transformations developed directly in Amazon Redshift or Athena infrastructure along with monitoring, orchestration, and publishing of your data to operational and analytic system. All with Datacoral’s commitment to keeping the pipelines clean and flowing all the time.

AWS Services Used

Datacoral’s solution builds on top of AWS to provide a seamless, serverless, and scalable data infrastructure securely installed inside your AWS account, where you own the data.

Data Freshness

Get visibility into data freshness automatically

AWS Lambda

Pay for usage, not excess server capacity

Amazon Redshift

Fast, simple, and cost-effective data warehouse

Amazon S3

Object storage built to store and retrieve data

Amazon DynamoDB

Fast and flexible NoSQL database service

AWS Virtual Private Cloud
Amazon VPC

Secure data pipelines in your own private cloud

AWS CloudTrail

Track user activity and API usage for full auditability


Encrypt data at rest and in motion using customer managed keys

Amazon CloudWatch

Monitor all services in a central place

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

EC2 runs many of Datacoral’s integrated features

Amazon Linux 2 certified

EC2-based services like user-defined table functions using Amazon Batch are AL2 certified

AWS Batch

AWS Batch Integrates with Datacoral to execute user-defined table functions.

Featured Use Cases

Every day our customers use Datacoral to save them time, money, and effort on complex data infrastructure so they can focus on investing their time working in the data itself. The result is cleaner, more trustworthy data that creates more valuable analysis and happier data scientists.

“Datacoral made us smarter and sooner.”

“Datacoral has become an essential piece of our data infrastructure.”

“To us, Datacoral is like having an expert data engineering team and ELT pipeline for a fraction of the time and cost.”
“We have been able to reduce our sales team’s efforts by more than 15% with Datacoral.”

The Only Cost Effective Option

We install in your AWS VPC, you control your data.

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