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Front creates a shared inbox for teams that gathers emails, apps, and teammates together in a single collaborative workspace. Front’s shared inbox platform sits invisibly on top of a regular email client, so customers feel like they’re receiving personal emails instead of ticketed auto-replies. Front can be used to tie in multiple channels, including Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Twilio, and more. Behind the scenes, users can create a full response to their customer across multiple departments.

The Challenge

Founded in 2013 with a goal to build an easy, efficient way to manage team inboxes Front has experienced exponential growth. Facing a round of Series A financing, Front realized they would need concrete, accurate and up-to-date numbers: daily users, monthly users, and revenue, and growth metrics. They needed to get a better understanding of their data and customer base, quickly. Presented with data located in several places, and the need to operationalize it, Front was forced to perform a lot of manual, non-scaleable data engineering.

The Solution

By harnessing Datcoral’s unique approach to serverless, modular, autoscaling data infrastructure, Front was able to build out an AWS-native, end-to-end data infrastructure that could organize and harness its data efficiently. Front uses Datacoral to collect data from sources inside and outside the organization, organize that data, and then generate dashboards, garner business insights, and perform ad hoc analyses to answer questions around the lifetime value of different customer acquisition channels. Datacoral handles millions of events each day seamlessly integrating with billions of records from the application database (MySQL) and other critical systems such as Salesforce, Stripe, Delighted and Google Analytics and consolidates all them in Amazon Redshift and then onto their operational systems. All of these processes illustrate the power and value of a fully functioning, end-to-end, data pipeline which not only supports ELT best-practices, but also runs as affordable, severless functions, secured within Front's AWS VPC, orchestrating and managing the flow of data into and out of Redshift even as schema changes and data anomalies threaten the flow.

Front shared inbox datacoral infrastructure
Cyril Gantzer

Head of Growth and Analytics, Front

"We use Datacoral everywhere throughout the infrastructure to see patterns and develop strategies as we more fully understand stability and churn. It pretty much informs all of our product roadmap."

The Result

Today, Front has over 5000 customers using shared inboxes, while Datacoral is making it possible for Front to identify performance issues, increase customer satisfaction, and increase sales. Front uses Datacoral’s AWS-native data infrastructure to rapidly get answers to pressing business questions and obtain a fuller understanding of the entire business, including the numbers required by investors and its board of directors. By using Datacoral as its data engineering arm, Front has avoided expensive investments in hand-built data platforms which has freed headcount to hire more analysts instead. With Datacoral, Front also gains full advantage of AWS-best practices and assurances for affordability, availability, security, scale, performance and regulatory compliance.

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