Data Quality
When It Matters

No compromises! No more busywork in fixing broken data. Reliable quality data is the foundation for any analytics.

Data Accuracy

Correct. Consistent. Unambiguous. It is time to start trusting your data.

High Fidelity Syncs

Out-of-the-box checks to ensure an accurate copy from data source

As data sources are usually fluid and constantly getting updated, the connectors need to be robust to make a copy of the data without missing or duplicating any data. The connectors have built-in checks to provide you the confidence in the fidelity of the integration.

Customized Checks

Flexible interface to customize the quality checks to suit your analytics needs.

Beyond the copy, the data needs to be verified for correctness, consistency and ensure it is ready for analytics. These checks can be fully customized by you to guarantee good quality data for analytics.

Data Freshness

Current. Why work with stale data? Be the hero with real-time analytics and business insights.


Full timestamp visibility for every step of the data pipeline and for every batch of processed data to ensure freshness audits

Close of Books

Our freshness guarantee mechanism ensures that at predefined “close of book” moments, the connectors can process out-of-order events or lag in source systems to ensure that the data set is current and complete

Freshness Checks

Configure freshness checks to be processed before running any analytics

Quality Alerting

Make data quality checks first class citizens of your data pipeline.

  1. Use data events to trigger your analytics so that your analytics run after the data is loaded
  2. Add barriers to your analytics so that analysis is done only when data quality checks pass
  3. Get notified when data quality checks are violated
  4. Use events, thresholds and alerts as breadcrumbs to help debug and get to the root cause of data quality issues
updated quality alerting

The Only Cost Effective Option

We install in your AWS VPC, you control your data.

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